Sunday, June 28, 2009

Watch Out!

Fashion, variety and value. Getting all 3 is what I look for when purchasing anything. It applies to all apparel and really any item I purchase. If I incorporate all three when purchasing, generally, I feel like I have made the right decision. Now, two out of three is not bad (so the saying or song goes), but getting all three, well that is when I feel good about my investment. Whether it be for need or pleasure, for myself or for someone I am purchasing for, I want to feel good about my purchase, especially when it comes to something I don't really need, but something I really want!

Watches generally always catch my eye, as I think many are fashionable and bring more purpose than just telling what time of day it is. The watches I purchase, wear and collect, many times brings comments such as "nice watch" or "where did you get that (insert adjective here e.g. cool, sleek) watch?"

That being said, people are asking why the need for watches any longer? Since we have clocks (many which are digital) on our phones and computers, the need is minimized. Well, my answer is always .... they are fashionable and I enjoy wearing them.

Uniqueness has always added value to the fashion element. Functionality adds to the value; variety gives you choices that brings enjoyment to the shopping experience. Sure, any watch will do the job, but making a fashion statement while knowing I am running a tad bit late and looking at my well made fashionable timepiece, seems to make me feel little better about my tardiness.

For me, the band is just as important as the face itself. Leather seems to make my wrist sweat, so I tend steer away from them, although I do own and wear watches that have them. I live in Texas and minimizing sweat is of utmost importance while wearing a watch, so I tend to lean towards the non leather wrist bands. Some watches have increased in size to grab attention, but I don't like bulky, but rather prefer sleek and unique.

So the next time you see a watch catch your eye, take the time to to look at it's fashionable influence. If time is of essence, then the look has to be of priority if I am going to purchase and wear it!

Save the watch!

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