Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fedora Flare

With the passing of the King of Pop, Micheal Jackson, will the fedora flare and demand rise in the fashion world?

We all know how much influence Micheal Jackson had on music and fashion in our world. Anytime anyone has the notability of his legendary status, we as humans seem to revisit that which they brought to our society, culture and world. We intensify the search for everything that they brought in their lifetime.

No more than a hour after he was pronounced dead, I had a female friend, who dates a nephew of mine, asking to help her locate a fedora hat like MJ wore. She was a bit frantic, fearing that the price would probably go up due to the demand, popularity and limited supply of them due to his death. He is a big fan of his and would become elated to receive one.

While searching for one for her, I found myself kind of wanting (well to be honest with you, craving) to find a fedora for myself. They are fashionable and make a statement!

My grandfather wore one.
Tom Landry always wore on.
At one time even I have owned and wore one .
They are a man's version of fashionable head wear.

A woman can wear about any style of hat that she wishes to make a fashion statement, where a man generally is limited to two or three styles.
The baseball cap is probably the most popular hat and is worn more for casual comfort. But, in my opinion, the fedora is the most fashionable when it comes to hats for men. Although, many would argue that the 'cowboy hat' would rank right up there as the most popular and/or the most fashionable. Regardless, men tend to be a bit limited (and that is probably not a bad thing) when it comes to head wear.

I am interested in seeing if the fedora will been seen more and more. Knowing that many will revive and relive Mr Jackson's pop music, pop culture and fashion (which he was extremely successful in incorporating into our world) in the days to come, will the fedora make a fashionably fad comeback and eventually help define these times?

Hats off with his loss. Hats on to extend his memory


Couture Carrie said...

Love this post.... the inspiration and the selections. RIP King of Pop!


cous said...

I'm thinking T Landry