Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Standard

When I was fresh out of school and not so fresh out on my own, I started heavily considering investing in gold. Now, I bought into gold with jewelry, but to buy gold or buy gold bullion, is what I speak of.

That which one would have invested 30+ years ago, would give a return on his money of 20x the investment value. A return of 50x in ‘investor gold coins’ purchased.

Now I am no financial guy, nor have I ever bought gold or gold bullion, as an investment, for several reasons, as for me it started in ‘not knowing how’.
Even if I knew how, I was young and needed proper guidance in decisions such as these, so it became more of a roadblock instead of a hurdle.

But now with information galore at your fingertips and with the ‘shrinking, printing dollar’ it becomes more ‘obstacle less’ in its endeavor. Meaning, minimizing the roadblocks or hurdles, leaving knowledge, wisdom and courage to go.
Yes, you do need money; or the avenue of income to start investing, but again, there is the ‘healthy wealthiness’ of the internet that eliminates the ‘no idea of where to research’ variable. Time and consideration is now all that’s left.

Really, the only reason you need is that gold IS the standard!
With the stock market in its wobbly state right now, all the arrows seem to pointing in the same direction from where I am standing.
Gold is the standard, so now the question becomes ‘why not’?

Bullion through your:
Pension Plan

Others bullion to consider:

But remember, gold is the standard.

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cous said...

Gold Bullion? Does it taste like chicken?