Sunday, June 14, 2009

To the ...nth degree!

About 15 years ago, while running a business with a partner, a salesman came into our office and wanted to sell an ‘ad’ in the new auto yellow pages. Yes you can be one of the first to buy an ad in the first glove box sized phone book!
…uh no, thank you.

Today, you have it all mainly on your phone...that is so small you can put it in your hip, or any other pocket. Your personal data is now at your finger tips and with wireless technology, even finger-tipless; simply by voicing the command!

Search engine sites can give you much more that you don’t have in your phone database; from local everything, e.g. traffic; reviews; quick link to the site you are needing; to the temperature to the ...nth degree. It was 90.6 degrees (Fahrenheit) in my town. Of course temperature is measured in the shade and yes, it's hot shade or not. This search engine is about what’s local …everything…. local search, local yellowpages, local, local, local!

I hope the hard luck salesman that I encountered 15 or so years ago is doing well. With all the information available to us these days, surely he found something to sell; as long as he is not selling glove boxes or a something like that.

I normally don’t frequent sites like this, as you can generally dot com the restaurant or theater …. do you dot com know what I mean? Eliminating the need to dig for it. Temp is quite handy, but the seller for me is the traffic info. And while I am checking that, well, you never know what I may run across.

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Couture Carrie said...

Will check it out ~ thanks!