Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Looking for a car on the web?

While prowling around...

The Plymouth Prowler has to be the new wave icon of Plymouth. There is no doubt the sleek body and unique style is a stand alone from any other make and model currently on the road today. The more you look at it, the longer you look. The aerodynamic ‘nose to the road’ look, makes the vehicle look as if it is moving fast, while simply sitting still! Any car enthusiasts cannot help but gawk, ogle and crave to possess, or be possessed, by one, even if it is just in one’s imagination.

Car Connection

While looking at the Dodge Dakota on the web site, I found myself trying find out where to start in looking at what the vehicle is all about. There was no real starting point, for me anyway, after the picture. The ‘Likes’ and ‘Dislikes’, seemed to be crowding into the ‘Bottom Line’ and ‘Full Review’ articles a bit. Nice touch but maybe not formatted to its potential. Did like the ‘The Car Connection Meta Review’ rating as it allowed me to read more by clicking on the link to see how you arrived at the score.

The 2010 Ford Mustang is a car that exudes Ford muscle car. This car has not changed too much in its looks, but needs to in order to stay up with the times without losing its classic image. The thinning and the lowering of the profile of the side windows as other cars have done, should be considered. e.g. 300, new corvette.

The BMW x6 series seems to have a bit of a Jaguar ‘look’ to me, in the nose, but disappoints greatly as it is chopped off at the rear reminding me of a Pinto or Vega. It does not look like a high end vehicle when looking at the rear.

Overall, clean looking site and very informative. It was fairly easy to navigate around after familiarizing myself with the site. The color scheme is easy to the eyes. Getting around on the site was fairly easy with the amount of information provided on the initial page.

Happy prowling!

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