Wednesday, June 10, 2009


... insurance sales gotta be tough ...

The law says we have to have auto insurance coverage.
Everyone who owns a car must meet minimal requirements.

Most do not have sufficient health insurance.
A smaller population has life insurance.
A greater population has neither.

By not having neither one; health or life insurance, aren’t you putting yourself and others at risk? (like you do when you drive a car)
There is a law to maintain auto coverage, but not health or life for yourself and family.
Not that I think there should be, however it makes me question the enforcement of auto insurance.


How many people do you know, taking out new policies such as term life insurance?
Not many. (my niece fresh out of college and leaping into the insurance business knows there is not much there (as far as new policies) just like everything else these days. It is a very conservative spending economy.

How much does it cost if you are a smoker?
Can’t be cheap! i don’t smoke. I like to minimize money that goes out to others i.e. tobacco companies, higher insurance premiums, taxes …I won’t go on.

How about burials, can I get that taken care of?
Sales not breaking any records I bet. Have a few sales calls a year in regards to this, just cremate me or better yet donate my body to science.

How many options of insurance are there?
Really want to know?

Look, I’m trying to make enough money to live on, so there is not a whole lot left over to spend on death. Point is insurance is not high on the to-dos unless policies are already in place.

Got it? Great, keep it!

Don’t have any?

Well, good luck with all that!

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