Saturday, June 13, 2009

Flop ... Turn ... River

Flop~turn~river, yeah yeah yeah ... but what about the pocket cards? The value they have is often varied due to position, chip count, feel and any other interpreted signals or influences.

Question: Are the pocket cards overrated?

I say no … but I do believe the pocket cards are commonly underrated. However, playing a suspect pair of pocket cads comes with higher risk and a greater price which puts it all back into perspective.

A 'flop'can change the hand for every player, some players or possibly no players at all. (the more players you have at the table, the less likely the flop did not effect anyone's hand).
That is why you will find players wanting to see the 'flop' as it can change a hand and give it potential. The risk is heavily measured by the pocket cards themselves, the money one must contribute to see the 'flop' along with the position at the table. But the pocket cards value can be lost, or at the very least, minimized by the 'flop' just as easily.

The ‘turn’ is just that, it can turn a hand completely around…. or shove your hand in it’s current hopeless, direction, possibly forcing a folded hand, a loss of chips or both.

The ‘river’ can make the pocket cards anything from obsolete to the winning hand! Many hands are decided by the 'river' card ... and many 'river' cards has sent a lot of players well ... 'up the river' ending not only the hopes of the hand, but at times, ending the game for those that may have been 'all in'.

So are the pocket cards overrated?
As stated above … no … but you must keep them in their natural equilibrium state (value wise) or they can cripple you. The cards/chips you have, along with the position you are in, have very similar values in how you bet and play the hand, which determines the winning or losing of each hand /chips. Then you add the human element along with all the risk involved, Texas Holdem’ is a game that becomes addictive, rewarding, disappointing … and a whole lot more of’s. e.g. call-ing, fold-ing, winning, lot tee dot tee dah!

One more thing, playing with money that has no value (play money) is a completely different discipline than playing poker with “your” “real” “money”! Kinda separates the pokers from the pokies. Not a lot of bluffin’ going on! Bring the meat to the table and don’t forget the sauce!

Now as for the picture above, I do believe a ‘pair’ has a good shot at taking this pot so...

I’m all in!

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