Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday + Paris = Shopping

OK it’s Friday! It’s like I should be in Paris! I am not, but I can go shopping and enhance the urge of the weekend! Since I don’t have to get in a plane and actually go to Paris to feel like I am in Paris, it is Friday after all .... and I don’t need a automobile vehicle to go shopping; like you, I have a web vehicle. Clothes for every season, occasion, style and desire can be found in one locale.

If it is on the web, it is here. At a place that can get you to Paris quicker by saving time, effort and most importantly, money!
Keep in mind, you still have until next Friday to get ready to get there.

Is green the new black? Really? Not arguing the point but I think this will settle it.

So go ahead and shop for specific items, specific ensembles, even for the international flare.
Go find, then want, and then all you got to do is pack!

To enhance the mood even more....well...hear this:
Paris” ~ by Friendly Fires

"One day we’re gonna live in Paris
I promise, I’m on it!
I'll find you that french guy,
You'll find me that french girl
I promise, I’m on it!" well worth the find!

Reality check: Okay, so you can’t get to Paris yet. You probably haven’t bought anything shopping, but hey it’s still Friday and the weekend is still in front of us,

I promise,
I'm on it!

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