Friday, May 23, 2008

Sports-uh-Flashin: Phil the Leader

Spent a portion of the day at the COLONIAL(PGA) in Ft Worth. Corporate jobs do have their perks!

Watched Phil Mickelson miss a 3 foot putt for birdie but making par .... to close out the day at -7 (under par) with the lead, alone. Yes was in the the huge gallery... in the grand stands, golf clapping!

Few seconds with Andy 'Flashin Fashion' Rooney-

We need to golf clap more often! I mean, think if we received a golf clap when coming in from work or when you save a few bucks coupon-ing...should there be a golf clap for those observing such wisdom and knowledge. They golf clapped the golfer when they approached the green...they were just walking, for cryin out loud (it's still Friday mind cha!)

Micheal Irvin and Moose (Daryl) Johnston, along with Daryl's wife, met 2 feet from us and visited for a few. Two Hall of Famers, now broadcasters, chit chatting amongst us if you will and ..... uuhhhhhhhway cool!

Golf Clap Happy!


*Holley* said...
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*Holley* said...

i love the golf clap idea!! simply brilliant!! i really would have enjoyed a good golf clap after i opened a really hard to open jar lid today...and also when i fixed the dishwasher all by myself.

yes yes, i think we could all use a good golf clap now and again!

i8dbbq said...

Sounds like a large time! I know I had a blast at the Nelson some years back.