Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Flashin Fashion Flushin!

Could you pass the ....uh..nevermind

This is a public toilet
in Houston :

It's made entirely of one-way glass! No one can see you from the outside, but when you are inside it's like sitting in a clear glass box!
Would you... COULD YOU... use it?!


i8dbbq said...

If you gotta go and there is a place to go, you go, regardless if it is one way glass, a doorway, the curb, a fence.....

sissy said...

Ummm....couldn't do it. I would love to try but I just don't think it would happen. How much do you suppose it cost to build?

Hunters Glory said...

Well for a guy that has a MEN'S restroom symbol as his icon, i would expect you could probably go anywhere...but some people have stage fright and just can not go unless their bladder dictates otherwise.

However, with that being said, yes i could go.

Cost? would be minimal i suppose.

XUP said...

This would almost be kind of a cheap thrill in a safe, exhibitionist kind of way.