Monday, August 18, 2008

Scaling Monday

Songs George W is singing!

1. Behind Closed Doors - Charlie Rich
2. Lyin Eyes - Eagles
3. A Simple Man - Lobo
4. Nothing Compares to You - Sinead OConner
5. Aint that America - John Cougar Mellencamp
6. Itchy Chicken - Los Straight Jackets
7. New Orleans is Sinking - The Tragically Hip
8. Pick up the Pieces - Average White Band

Holleywood posted McCain and Obama's list on her site which inspired me to post a mock up of what George W may have on his list.


*Holley* said...

wow. now that is brilliant. absolutely perfect. nothing compares to you? HAHAHA! ain't that the truth!! itchy chicken?? HAHAHA! love it!! all of those...great! excellent job!!!

Wendiva said...

i loved this list, i'm laughin on the inside :)

i8dbbq said...

Good list. What about that Dick of a VP, I mean Cheney?

1. Shotgun Boogie - Tennessee Ernie Ford
2. Cock The Hammer - Cypress Hill
3. Shoot The Thrill - AC/DC
4. Money - The O'Jays
5. I Want It All - Queen
6. Have A Cigar - Pink Floyd
7. Big Time - Peter Gabriel
8. I Need Some Money - John Lee Hooker