Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Working 4 Generations

Never before have we as a country seen 4 generations in the work place.

Cam Marston breaks each generation down so each generation can understand itself and others.

I was privileged to hear him speak and this guy is not only witty and funny, but can get to the quick on how we as Americans can possibly understand and deal with each other in our lives. Below is my take away from that which I heard.

The 4 generations as he puts them are:

The Matures, born from 1909-1945
The (Baby) Boomers born from 1946-1964
The (Gen) Xers born form 1965-1979
The Millennials born form 1980-2000

He states that there could be a 5 year window form generation to generation, overlapping some folks into ways of thinking so beware of that.

The Matures are very military oriented and appreciate the dollar and what it takes to earn a living. Work hard and you can have. Team oriented and very patriotic. Heroes are often great leaders.

The Boomers are generally workaholics and put in 55 hours a week. What do they do while putting in those 55 hours? It doesnt matter they are working and working hard. This generation is now in control of most companies in our country. Some were hippies. Notice there are not many long haired hippies in there 50s and 60s running around anymore. All have cut their hair to adapt to society. That is because people will give up what they rebelled against, but not their values. (I find this very interesting and applies to all generations)

The Gen Xers are the "Prove it to me" generation.
"I am not a crook! I am not a crook!" Yes you were!
This generation challenges what was and what has always been accepted or taken for granted.
They often say "Why" when asked to do something. They may not have what you have. So don't tell them about how you got what you have and what you have to do to get it. It doesn't matter to them and they probably don't want what you have anyway!
Their time is very valuable. Time is as valuable to them as money is to previous generations.
Heroes are parents or grandparents.

The Millennials have had everything given to them. Life expectancy has doubled since the turn of the century in this country and at 18 years of age they are wondering what the hurry is to go to work. I can have my steak that is cut up for me and living at home with mom and dad so why do I need a job! They have never seen a bad economic time (yet to come and coming fast I might add) nor understand that at one time you had to actually touch a TV to turn it on or to even change the channels. Instant gratification is the expectancy with this generation. Ask them what they want to be and they will tell you. They have no idea how they are going to achieve that, but they can tell you what they want to be, cuz my parents told me I could be anything I wanted!! The future to them is now. Meaning , if you asked them what they are going to do with their life ... they will tell you they are getting ready to order a pizza (and beyond that is anybodies guess). Very loyal to people; not companies. Travel in pacts or herds.

This is just a sampling of what I learned, but it it worth clicking on the link in the title to learn more. I think he even has a blog!

As I try to understand the different generations and then apply this logic to my own family, friends and those I deal with daily or come in contact with, it seems, to at the very least, connect dots and make me wiser. I hope I can now have the patience to deal with people of all ages on a daily and even a moment to moment basis.
Society and the culture we have created and developed molds our ways of thinking and that of future generations. We are at fault for that which we have created. But now, we must learn to understand that which is reality.


CoutureCarrie said...

Lovely post!
Sad but true cartoon.


So Stylish So Sassy said...

wow I'm def a (Gen)Xers and what's even spookier I always say that my parents are my heroes! very interesting!

Hunters Glory said...

CC: I got the pic form Holleywood so i need to give her props!


*Holley* said...

haha thanks for the "props" cg!

Hunters Glory said...

so so: would be inappropriate to ask 'why'?