Monday, August 4, 2008

Scaling Monday

It's all about summer this week!

1. In the Summertime _ Mungo Jerry
2. Sister Golden Hair - America
3. Lets Talk Dirty in Hawaiian- John Prine
4. Jesus Loves Me (But He can't stand you) -Austin Lounge Lizards
5. Semi Crazy - Junior Brown
6. Tennessee Flat-top Box - Roseanne Cash
7. Cant Get You Out of My Head - Kylie Minogue
8. Suspicious Minds - Dwight Yoakum


Anonymous said...

Mungo Jerry epitomizes summer for me. It's a long story involving one summer of my childhood and a strange threesome who came to live in our hired-hand cottage, but that song always brings the sun and heat and excitement of summer to my mind.

xup said...

that wsa me above, I clicked too soon

i8dbbq said...

What a great half hour!
I agree with anonymous, a strange threesome in a hired hand cottage would make me never forget a song.....

Anonymous said...

great picture and selection of songs :-)))

CoutureCarrie said...

oh I love that Kylie Minogue song!!

*Holley* said...

i think i've only head two of those songs! oh man, guess i better broaden my music horizons a little more!!

Kira Fashion said...


a kiss!!!

Hunters Glory said...

Oh Holley ... give these a listen to.

Funny how experiences (no matter the number bbqman) can make a song take on a very unique perspective for each of us!

" can reach right up and touch sky!" ~Mungo Jerry

atelier said...

what a lovely picture!