Friday, June 27, 2008

Tagged by Couturecarrie

Tagged to name the 7 songs I am into right now. Not sure why, but these have a hook in me, so I am telling ya.

1. Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison
2. I Can Only Imagine - Mercy Me
3. Hoy -Zayra Alvarez
4. The Chain - Fleetwood Mac
5. Photograph -Ringo Starr
6. Ballroom Blitz - Sweet
7. The Star Spangled Banner - I can never hear it enough!


XUP said...

Wow - this meme is sure getting around. Seems like the only meme going at the moment. Interesting song choices, Hunter (PS- some day soon,you'll have to explain your blogger name to me)

*Holley* said...

somebody likes good music! (you!) it even inspired me to copy you! hehe!

Hunters Glory said...

XUP: Yes you did challenge your readers to come up with this and I never got around to it until I got tagged. Gottta love Bob Dylan!

Holley: I was a little late on the draw, (tagging ya) but glad you posted....and posted some good uns I might add! :0