Saturday, June 28, 2008

7 More

Seven More songs......Holley has inspired me to list 7 was not enough and 7 more is probably not going to do it either, but here are the next 7 on my list...

1. Every Little Thing -Carlene Carter (click link in title for cheesy video but great song)
2. Heart of the Matter - Don Henley
3. Part of Me, Part of You - Glenn Frye
4. Lost and Found - Brooks and Dunn
5. Last Date - Floyd Cramer
6. Me and You and a Dog Named Boo -Lobo
7. Rocky Mountain Way - Joe Walsh

Oh there are so many more .....


i8dbbq said...

I like your 7(14?)

In heavy rotation for me is Mercy - Duffy
John O'Reily Charlie Robison
Chelsea Dagger - The Fratellis
still into Redneck Girl Line Dance ver

Hunters Glory said...

Redneck girl is in my rotation as well and just couldnt fit them all on the list. That version is better than the original!

(Redneck Girl; line dance version - Bellamy Brothers
It as an intro and ending that really sets the song up nicely)

*Holley* said...

Ha! Glad to see another round of seven! We should do this once every week! Pick the seven songs that we were diggin' on during the past seven days! :)

Hunters Glory said...
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Hunters Glory said...

OK let's!
Holley, you pick the day and we'll play DJ!

*Holley* said...

Welll, we could do "Tunes for Tuesday," has a nice little ring to it? Orrr, "Music Monday?" That sounds good too? Songs for Sunday?? You tell me!

Hunters Glory said...

Let's make it Monday as the bbq man has designated his blog as Musical Monday, so we shall as well!

So every Monday list up to 7 tunes in a post that is in your rotation so we all can benefit.

I will tag it 'Scaling Monday' here!

Thanks for the idea and the input cg!