Friday, September 26, 2008

State Fair of Texas

State Fair of Texas started today. I am amazed that that state fairs are still around. They are so expensive and the crowds are usually huge. I have not been in years and would like to go look at the auto show and other cool exhibits, but again too crowded and too expensive. I think I will sit here remain in a state of blog.


i8dbbq said...

Dude! Go to the fair!
Last time I went was a gas! yes, it is costly, but if you have to ask.....
To avoid crowds, go on a Tuesday or Wednesday. You can hear Big Tex intone, Today is Homosexual Day.....
Belgian Waffles, chicken fried corn on the cob, bbq bolgna. Gowan, you know you wanna.
Is funny you mention a fair even being around(will you quit watching Americas Top Model and remember where we come from?). Goose Fair cranks up here in a few days. The earliest record of Goose Fair is 1541. Although it did take a year off during the plague in 1646. No bbq bologna or Belgian Waffles(no one here knows what the hell they are) or chicken fried corn. Buts lots of groovy English babes, and that, my friend, is all the reason in the world to go.

Hunters Glory said...

Big Tex on Homosexual day? Now that would be worth

Yes, if I could get a day where there wasn't 1.2365875 million kids (cuz everyday is some school district's 'fair day') then I would fancy the chance. The food is fabulous.... as you know they always come up with something new e.g fried coke, fried peanut butter, fried twinkies.
Cost is a deterrent but can be absorbed. You know I may go by myself as I have never done that before and may be the way to go!
BTW I did learn watching Project Runway is a choice!

Lil Midget said...

To true! There was a spring fair recently where I live with music performances, fire twirlers and the like....I may be whinging too much, but it costs AUS$20.00...And I am mighty broke at the moment.. :P Like you, I sat at home blogging..Hehehe