Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor of Life

Watching the 'Honeymooners' last night and one of the funniest scenes and truthful humor came out of this episode. Ralph was trying to prove to Norton, Trixie and to the world for that matter that he was the boss over Alice. Alice (in subtle ways) was daring him to prove it to her but he was the man and she was the woman and that was that and that settled it.

At the apex of the episode, Ralph made it as clear as he could to Alice and well... Alice wrapped up his responsibility of being a boss rather quickly (and quite well I might add).

Ralph: (while pointing & in an escalated determined voice; gets firmer and calmer toward the end of his schpil)
"Listen Alice, I am the boss .... and you are nothing. You got it Alice, I'M the boss, YOU are nothing, don't ever forget that Alice, I AM the BOSS...YOU are NOTHING!!!"

Alice replies: "Big deal, you're the boss over nothing."

Ralph murmured while leaving the scene.

Loved this show. The cast of characters, the premiss, the script ...yada yada yada, and for it's time in history; quite impressive broadcasting.

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