Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Sexy 101 List

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What's sexy? Let's start with what isn't: leggings, mens' butt cleavage, Cancún. What gets smart women hot and bothered? Kanye West live, Mad Men, real estate, volcano-surfing . . . this is not my list but I found it fun to skim over.

1. Sexiest building: Beijing's National Aquatics Center
2. Sexiest game: Scrabulous
3. Sexiest cause: Microcredit. Fusty term belies genius concept—small loans to poor, largely female entrepreneurs in the third world.
4. Sexiest It girl: Isla Fisher
5. Sexiest hour on TV: AMC's Mad Men
6. Sexiest lipstick: NARS Belle du Jour, the nudest of them all
7. Sexiest blogger: Boing Boing's Xeni Jardin
8. Sexiest villain: Ryan (B.J. Novak), The Office's coked-out boss
9. Sexiest mogul: Gwen Stefani
10. Sexiest fragrance: Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb
11. Sexiest download: Santogold by Santogold
12. Sexiest destination: Space
13. Sexiest pick-up line: "See my friend over there? He wants to know if you think I'm cute."
14. Sexiest baby boomer: In Treatment's Gabriel Byrne
15. Sexiest neologism: Staycation—the getaway spent at home
16. Sexiest job: "Cultural attaché" to producer Brian Grazer. Keep the Oscar-winning lifetime learner up to speed on everything from the Japanese mafia to makeup. Salary: $150K.
17. Sexiest party: Democratic National Convention. Donkeys storm Denver, August 25–28.
18. Sexiest offices: Pixar, where animators design their own work spaces. The result: cottages instead of cubicles.
19. Sexiest perk: Summer Fridays
20. Sexiest hair: Christina Ricci's bangin' bob (right)
21. Sexiest weight-loss plan: Red Wine Diet. Drink yourself skinny.
22. Sexiest Bond: Daniel Craig (sorry, Sean!)
23. Sexiest comeback: 3-D movies
24. Sexiest impulse buy: Manolo Blahnik for Thakoon lace-up patent heels
25. Sexiest newlyweds: Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni
26. Sexiest reality show: Top Chef
27. Sexiest hairstylist: Orlando Pita
28. Sexiest view: Central Park, as seen from Marie Claire's 34th-floor offices
29. Sexiest Republican: Virginia Senator John Warner. An unapologetic party-line-crosser, he's pro-choice, pro–gun control, pro–green energy—and one of Liz Taylor's exes.
30. Sexiest network: SciFi Channel
31. Sexiest fix: Dark chocolate anything
32. Sexiest makeup-bag must: Soap & Glory Sexy MotherPucker lip gloss
33. Sexiest royal: Prince Harry. Gawky redhead doubles as brawny foot soldier in Afghanistan. William who?
34. Sexiest foodie: Giada De Laurentiis
35. Sexiest joyride: Xcelerator, Knott's Berry Farm's 82-mph white-knuckle roller coaster
36. Sexiest bag: Nancy Gonzalez clutch
37. Sexiest website:
38. Sexiest legs: Jet Li
39. Sexiest commute: Paris's self-service Vélib bicycles. Trailblaze for a few euros.
40. Sexiest self-tanner: Prescriptives Good in Bed
41. Sexiest spa: Iceland's Blue Lagoon. Marinate in milky, mineral-rich pools of geothermal goodness.
42. Sexiest splurge: Real estate
43. Sexiest rumor: That Kristin Davis stars in a sex tape
44. Sexiest exhibit: The Story of the Supremes at London's Victoria and Albert Museum, through October 19. Time-travel to an era when "diva" still meant something.
45. Sexiest summer ale: Hefeweizen
46. Sexiest silhouette: Fitted waist
47. Sexiest nation: Cuba. Fidel's out, cell phones and home ownership are in. Let's get this party started!
48. Sexiest posse: Brangelina's spawn
49. Sexiest off-the-grid escape: Tiamo Resort, South Andros, The Bahamas
50. Sexiest shoes: Christian Louboutin stilettos
51. Sexiest handheld: Nokia N96. Super-sleek and begging to be fondled.
52. Sexiest pitchwoman: Kate Walsh for Cadillac
53. Sexiest beach: Maine's pristine Footbridge Beach. No thongs within a hundred-mile radius.
54. Sexiest collectible: Polaroids. The insta-film goes the way of rotary phones by year's end.
55. Sexiest rivalry: Guitar Hero vs. Rock Band
56. Sexiest color: Purple
57. Sexiest offspring: Charlotte Gainsbourg, daughter of the incomparable Serge, and bag-muse Jane Birkin
58. Sexiest stiff drink: Absinthe, now legal in the U.S., minus psychotropic wormwood essence
59. Sexiest before-you-die adventure: Volcano-surfing off Nicaragua's Cerro Negro
60. Sexiest kitchen aid: Ascaso Dream espresso-maker
61. Sexiest newcomer: Atmospheric Disturbances author Rivka Galchen
62. Sexiest dark hero: Michael C. Hall as Showtime's vigilante serial murderer Dexter
63. Sexiest talking head: CNN's Amy Holmes
64. Sexiest lashes: Clinique's Lash Power
65. Sexiest athlete:Diver Justin Wilcock. The hunky Mormon horticulturist who finished dead last in Athens is raring for a comeback.
66. Sexiest workout: Power Plating. Oversize vibrator is killer for your core.
67. Sexiest hotel: Houston's Hotel ZaZa. Bulgari amenities, plasma TVs, and Red Hots at check-in.
68. Sexiest brand: Zipcar
69. Sexiest Democrat: Newark Mayor Cory Booker. Cleaning up one of the nation's most violent cities, and looking fine doing it.
70. Sexiest snack: Greek yogurt
71. Sexiest sport: Tennis
72. Sexiest surprise heartthrob: Robert Downey Jr.
73. Sexiest memoir: Slash, by Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash. (Not that we endorse mother-daughter orgies or getting crabs.)
74. Sexiest ticket: Kanye West's Glow in the Dark tour
75. Sexiest carry-on: Diane von Furstenberg tiger-print pony box bag
76. Sexiest swim: The Raleigh, in Miami
77. Sexiest scene-stealer: SNL's Kristin Wiig
78. Sexiest head of state: Argentine Prez Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner
79. Sexiest packaging: Lanvin's beribboned shoebox
80. Sexiest school: Evergreen State, in Olympia, WA. The trans-fat-free fryer oil powers a local dairy truck. Plus, Simpsons creator Matt Groening is an alum.
81. Sexiest thirst-quencher: POM juice
82. Sexiest trend: Women outearning men
83. Sexiest rain gear: Swims ballerina galoshes
84. Sexiest body: Jessica Biel
85. Sexiest store: London's Dover Street Market PHOTOGRAPH
86. Sexiest excuse: "My Prius is charging."
87. Sexiest key-chain accessory: USB flash drive (like this $170 crystal-studded doozy by Philips & Swarovski)
88. Sexiest label: Balmain, revived by Christophe Decarnin
89. Sexiest artist: Cai Guo-Qiang. His medium: gunpowder.
90. Sexiest office supply: Muji stapler
91. Sexiest watering hole: GoldBar, NYC
92. Sexiest denim: Acne jeans
93. Sexiest wedding gift: Global knives
94. Sexiest status symbol: The sabbatical
95. Sexiest voice: Alan Rickman (yes, even as greasy Snape in Harry Potter)
96. Sexiest guilty pleasure: Penny Vincenzi's soapy read An Absolute Scandal
97. Sexiest polish: CND Nail Gloss
98. Sexiest tourist trap: Carlsbad Caverns, NM. Beyond the fanny packs and souvenir stands are real primordial stalactites, girl, and a flock of 400,000 bats!

And 7 of the Unsexiest…

1. Unsexiest reality show: Flavor of Love
2. Unsexiest thirst-quencher: Contrex "slimming water"
3. Unsexiest workout: Aerobic striptease
4. Unsexiest destination: Cancún
5. Unsexiest trend: Airline bankruptcies
6. Unsexiest key-chain accessory: Drugstore "club cards"
7. Unsexiest divorce: Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards. One recent volley: "I don't want Charlie's prostitute-tranny-infested sperm." Well, there you have it.


*Holley* said...

good list! i wish they had more of the unsexy ones! i think those are the most fun to read!

So Stylish So Sassy said...

that was awesome...I agree with Holley wish they had more unsexy ones!

Lil Midget said...


I agree with Daniel Craig being sexier than Sean Connery (shove over Brosnan!)....but still..Connery's pretty sexy for a man his edge...

I don't know about Harry being sexy...but definitely better than Wills (who has the typical blond haired blue eyed english look)

I can think of another sexy...Sexiest doctor on medical dramas: Dr Gregory House! Must be that cane of his ;)

Couture Carrie said...

Right on! Except for the leggings bit - I think they can be sexy when layered properly, esp. the Latex and lace ones!!

Hot photo!


Kira Fashion said...

so great!!!!

a kiss!!