Thursday, April 17, 2008

What? Why? When? How? & Why?

Take one of the questions in the title and answer it, cuz I do not understand these shoes. The higher the fashion, the longer the looks!


*Holley* said...

I give these a big ol' poop sandwich! Sick sick sick! Kinda interesting though. It kinda shows how much shoes have really just turned into a fashion piece and have really kind of swayed away from their original protect your feet.

¬ _ ¬ said...

What? sore arches
Why? not?
When? I would say modern times
How? now brown cow...
Why? Because right wing fascists have been working very hard to dumb down western civilisation since the 1960's.....or maybe I am reading too much into it.

Vain and Vapid said...

I am simply bamboozled. Wish I had an answer even for why they didn't even take the time to give that model a proper pedicure. Questions.

sissy said...

Maybe the shoe designer has a shoe/foot fetish and in wearing this shoe he has the best of both worlds. One, he can see his woman's foot in a sexy shoe and, two, he can still suck her toes while she's wearing it!!!!

Jessica said...

These are....interesting :)
Thanks for sharing