Sunday, April 27, 2008

Something about Sunday Morinings

You know there is something about the peace and quietness about Sunday mornings. Obviously, when going to church there is the peace and holiness that one experiences, but even if you choose to stay home and take in Sunday morning, it has such a relaxed and unhurried way about it. I love the piano and the mental thoughts and images (musically) it can soothingly bring or the images that one can capture in pictures. Something about the piano makes me find peace, serenity and even joy. Couple that with Sunday morning and it just seems to be a good (really good) way to start the day. Playing it can also make one experience yet another level of peace. The piano, to me is the leading fashion instrument of all instruments.
Music is a true passion of mine. No matter the kind. If it is good I will listen to it!


So Stylish So Sassy said...

AMEN to that!

sissy said...

That's my motto. I don't care what kind or who sings it: if it's good, I'll listen.