Sunday, April 20, 2008

We are the ones that need a lil work...

We are had some people over yesterday and so I spent most of the day mowing the yard and all. I wanted to be a 'grounds keeper' when I was growing up so I take my lawning fairly seriously. Not obsessed but just love doing yard work. We have bermuda so it really looks good freshly cut. My wife is an extraordinary house keeper and really enjoys it.
But....when people start arriving they will compliment by saying 'oh your house looks so nice and clean ...or your yard looks so green and well kept" then the bloggin bomb hits. The reply from my wife is something like this: 'Oh it's such a mess' or 'it needs a lot of work yet.'

Not sure why we as humans feel like we have to down play it instead of just saying thanks! While mowing the yard (funny, but true) I tried to think of things to blog and although I didnt come up with anything yesterday, my wife provided the material for this, so the credit is ALL hers!

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sissy said...

that is so stinkin funny!! really. because i was given a compliment the other day about how great i look (i've lost a ton of weight) and i said 'well, my butt is still huge'. Geez, i do look great!! why didn't i just agree?? I kept asking myself. Good grief.