Friday, July 31, 2009

You shouldn't have to lug luggage!

Before there was wheels on luggage, that is exactly what we had to do...lug luggage.
My last airport visit ~ in Las Vegas while catching a flight back home to Dallas ~ I seen a young girl with a old fashion suitcase.
Old, but function-able.
No wheels and fashion-less.
Looked much like the suitcase in the above picture.

... lets not forget to thank the cave man for the wheel!

Suitcases (or luggage) on wheels? Why did it take us so long to figure that out?
Makes me wonder how long man went without a wheel on a wheel barrel?
.... anyway ...

Add the wheels; now add a sliding handle for pulling and easy storage ... and you got something. Put a little style and fashion into it and all of sudden you look like you are 'all about'!

Consider functionality, style and practicality when picking out the right piece(s) of luggage, to tote your attire and all. Whether it is Tumi luggage for your 'wanna be' noticed trip; Hartmann luggage to just get your apparel and gear there in the most logical and professional way; or Briggs and Riley luggage for your traveling needs and 'lookin good' bringin' along your bring-alongs.

Just minimize your cargo and maximize you effort.

Couture Carrie did a post on excess baggage ~ and one can benefit by recognizing when your luggage turns into excess baggage!

I know that can be confusing for each gender to compromise on.

For instance ~ on the way out the door ... the largest suitcase packed suddenly appears out of no where at the last moment.

This will make a man scratch his head and ask ... "What's in there?"

"Shoes!" ... she masterfully replies.
Nothing but shoes.

Largest suitcase full of shoes is a necessity for women and can make them feel quite proud she has condensed her collectible needs down to a small closet of transportable heels!

Men see it as excess baggage.
Don't forget he's got to be the one to tote and load it, which defines and prove his point.

Lesson learned: make sure you have the right luggage ~ so it doesn't turn into baggage.

Excess or not.

Last picture is my fav.

CC approved!


Anonymous said...

lol I just love that opening photo.

Dorothy L said...

Very Sexy photos:)

sexy legs and body said...

So true about the heels and the largest suitcase! hehe, specially if you wife has more then 60 pairs... and mostly high heels... they tend to take up more space then lower heels, wonder why!!??

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