Friday, July 10, 2009

Is your Camera Candid?

The photos that land on this post are generally taken by a digital camera.
I love photography, hence, my passion prevents me from owning a camera. Oh, I have owned them, but to me, it is a dangerous electronic apparatus which I get easily obsessed with.

So, I focus on the photo. Uniqueness, lighting, subject, candidness; these and possibly other elements determine it's attraction which then leads to the value of the photo.

With a camera, a 'feel good' digital camera can make a novice feel and look like a accomplished photographer.

High pixel count + zoom capability + convenience + style + price (be it a Canon or Nikon) = the "feel good" for me.

The right camera matters, but ultimately, it all starts and ends with the one taking the picture.

As for the actual taking of the picture, it is all about what you are trying to accomplish with the photo. Whether it is just a snapshot you are looking for or the perfect shot, always consider lighting, positioning, creativity, uniqueness and candidness.

The ability to make a pose (selected or intentional) look candid is an under rated element. We have more control over it than we may realize.

For me, it drives the value of the photo up. Now, if the picture captures unintentional candidness, then great! But to create it when is not there, is where the skill and experience of the photographer is needed.

The photo determines the success, so look for any flaws to improve on going forward, until you are able to get the perfect photo ... each and every time you capture an image.


Couture Carrie said...

Love your photo philosophy and these perfect pics!
(I can't rhyme so I figure alliteration is the next best thing!)


noble beeyotch said...

a very well written post!

cous said...

OK its all about the camera. lol