Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lights by Lamps

'Is it about the 'light' or the 'lamp'?

Depends on the lamp and how it is used. Whether its adding to the decor ...or... his hidden from view altogether. The wrong lamp can reduce the attraction of the light along with the lamp due to style, positioning and/or functionality,

Ultimately though, it is about the light. The right amount of light with the right use and view of the lamp tends to create ambiance. Creative or unintentional; the kind of ambiance is up to you.
The right ambiance, at the very least, must be practical and purposeful in it's functionality. However, if you can maximize the effort to it's potential, it adds to the attraction, resulting in fashion lighting.

A lamps potential can be reached through versatility of the creativity. Lamps that can provide low lighting, focused lighting, or practical lighting, enable the potential of the lamp to be reached.

But when no artificial lighting is needed from the lamp due to an abundance of natural lighting, the lamp stands alone! It's all about the lamp at that point. Ensure you are stating what you want when it comes to the look of the lamp. It has to be considered which is why I tend to lean away from your standard lamps. The more you notice, well, the longer you look.

From a spectrum of elegance to artistic; modern to antique; table lamps to torchieres a lamp can add so much and should not be lightly considered.

Flashin' Lighting Fashion!


Couture Carrie said...

(light bulb above head*)
Bright ideas, H!
Love this post, especially that first collage!


Lary and Susie said...

Good light blog. You know the true light? I spend time with Him everyday. As Chris Rice sings "Go Light the World". LL

cous said...

Now that was en"light'ening