Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday, in the Park

...or Saturday, in the yard!

Whether on a bench, under an arbor, or in an "outdoor room" it is SATURDAY, no matter how you spend it, consider this:

Arbors are fashionably elegant entry ways that can create a bit of an ambiance in their wake. Arbors can also be practical. For instance, arbors can define areas and create a sense of charm. Nature and solitude seem to "exude in their 'tude" which can create memorable moments. They can also help in directing traffic patterns and provide a path of intent.

...or Saturday, in the garden!

Wooden arbors make good garden arbors as they provide a natural structure for climbing vines or flowers that can add to the striking fashion of the surrounding environment.

...or Saturday, by the sea!

Approaching arbors seem to create elegant pleasure
But the treasure you find in the moment, stays with you forever.

...or Saturday, atop of the world!

...or Saturday, spent in ever popular "outdoor rooms"!

Green is still in. So is oil, but we won't dwell on that.
Going green seems to promote efficient, effortless pleasures that benefit everyone including Earth.
So whether you are going green from the 'inside out' or from the 'outside in' ... "done gone green" is is truly fashionable!


Couture Carrie said...

These outdoor spaces are sooooo gorgeous and inviting!
Fab post!

Also loving the new profile pic!



so beautiful...and so sexy girl on the top!