Wednesday, June 16, 2010

... buddy on up!...

More of us are doing more and more on the www dot coms.
The computer age has influenced and continues to change our culture. For instance, the well-known pal sites is convenient and beneficial for everyone.
There are pay pals to move funds easily when making transactions. You got more pal sites that I bet you weren't even aware of, SEARCH AND SEE.

I drive a Chevrolet Silverado and was looking for a Dallas auto repair shop to do a brake job for my pick'em up.
It never fails, as i try to overcome the fear of the unknown, to always act like I know what the mechanic is talking about as it tends to make me feel better during the repair negotiations. Instead, I generally come off feeling less impressed with myself than I intended.
My goal is to get my vehicle repaired, so should theirs along with providing, at the minimum, GOOD customer service.
That is where the common ground generally ends. I'm there to spend the least amount as possible and get my vehicle repaired . They are trying to profit as much as possible. I dont mind that and yet expect it as it is a business.
I am NOT expecting to spend money to receive repair work that is insufficient or incomplete. It is a risk every time you entrust someone else with your possessions, trust and money. But you can always manage risk. Do so by minimizing it.

Repairpal is a dubya dubya dubya dot com site that can educate you to a level you are comfortable with. Very user friendly and a lot of information that can payoff in ways you may or may not expect. e.g. estimates, car info, encyclopedia, maintenance tracker for your vehicle(s) which makes it beneficial and cost effective just by using this dot com.

It has a very fashionable price as's free!

btw ....shouldn't the 'W' be called a 'double vee' instead of a 'double u'?

Just a thought.

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