Monday, July 14, 2008

Scaling Monday

Funny how the circumstances and events of your life dictate that which you listen to.
Songs 3 and 7 in particular. Turning the calendar to another year (#3) and anniversary (#7) are partial influences.

1. Turning the Page - Bob Seger
2. Tell Me True - Juice Newton
3. Forever Young - Rod Stewart
4. Look Away - Chicago
5. Hurts So Good - John Cougar Mellancamp
6. Macarthur Park- Maynard Ferguson (I played this in high school...listening to Maynard's version, although I do still have a vinyl of the HS attempt)
7. If You Don't Know Me By Now - Simply Red

8. Short Skirt, Long Jacket - Cake


*Holley* said...

Good songs! #5 is definitely one of my favs! So wait though, am I reading this had a birthday?? Well happy birthday if that's right! And happy anniversary as well!! :)

Hunters Glory said...

yep & thanks!