Saturday, February 16, 2008

If Abe were alive today....(thanks Dave)

Top Ten Things Abraham Lincoln Would Say If He Were Alive Today

10. Seriously, what the hell is happening on 'Lost'?

9. Speaking of ancient dead guys, how's Letterman doing?

8. What's with the freakishly short hats?

7. Good heavens, McCain is still around?

6. I'm here to unite our great nation over unbelievable deals on brand-name mattresses

5. The framers of the Constitution would care less about who injected what in their ass

4. I hope the writers' strike is over! I need my 'Desperate Housewives'

3. Sweet merciful Lord, these Applebee's riblets are delicious

2. I'd like to "emancipate" Angelina Jolie

1. This guy is hilarious, but seriously, who's your president?